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Customer Reviews

A natural supplement that actually works for for insomnia!!

I've read and known about Valarien Root as a sleep aid for years. I've tried numerous "natural" supplements as well as prescription meds which only one worked for me but had a risk for addiction. I tried this and it actually helped me sleep with no hangover feeling the next day and it's not addictive. I told other people I know how well this works. Insomnia is pervasive in our society today unfortunately!!

— Carl Cammisa

Finally Some Success

While I fall asleep fairly quickly, I usually wake between 2 and 3AM and then can’t fall back to sleep. I have tried many single herbs, amino acids, CBD, and various products that are supposed to help. They didn’t. This herbal blend is finally giving me some relief. I still wake, but I’ve found it easier to get back to sleep. I will be a repeat buyer.

— Mike

Great quality, effective tea at a very reasonable price point!

This tea is simple, and that's a good thing. It's just kava, valerian, and ashwagandha. This tea is made from real plant pieces as well; not ground-up dust.The tea worked for me, and helped me get into the relaxed mindset that I have trouble attaining when it's time for bed. This is NOT a sleeping pill; it won't knock you out. But it is an effective aide for when you have trouble sleeping.Plus you get 48 cups for $20! As someone who buys a lot of tea from a lot of different places, I know how easily Ethnospot could have marked things up and charged way more. But they didn't, and they strike me as an honest company just trying to sell good products.

- Nick DeSalvo

Poppy Seems to Work

I have been looking for something to help with some neck pain I have been having before bed. I was skeptical, but this actually makes a noticeable difference. I need only non habit forming options and this is perfect for that